CORFO Agreements

General Description

As part of its development strategy and aiming to transform Chile into an innovation and entrepreneurship hub, CORFO’s InnovaChile creates a program called “Attraction of R+D Centres of Excellence for Competitiveness”. The objective of this program is to bring to Chile R+D entrepreneurs and investment, connecting the country with the world’s most important technology markets and making possible the creation of different Centres of Excellence for research and development, technology transfer and commercialization activities of high economic impact which strengthens national R+D capabilities. The project has a duration of 10 years divided in three strages: Pre-competitive (3 years), Operational (3 years) and Technology transfer (4 years).

Based upon the foregoing, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) arrived to Chile to make alliances with several local research centres. In the first stage of the project, different programs were developed between CSIRO Chile, the Advanced Mining Technology Center (AMTC) of the University of Chile and the Scientific and Technological Resarch Center for Mining (CICITEM) belonging to the University of Antofagasta.

Precompetitive Stage

The Precompetitive Stage was composed by four research programs:

  • Program P2: Geo Resources and Mine Planning: “Geometallurgical modelling”.
  • Program P3: Intelligent Mining systems.
  • Program P4: Mineral Processing and Metallurgical Systems: “Leaching Technologies”, “Dry Processing of Copper Ores”, “Flotation”, “Advanced Mineralogical and Metallurgical Characterisation”.
  • Program P5: Water, Energy and Environmental impact: “Water Efficiency” and “Energy Efficiency”.

In this stage, the activities considered as KPIs were:

  • Advanced training of human capital
  • Academic activities
  • Technical Workshops
  • Industry-related activities
  • Research and deliverables

Operational Stage

After fulfilling the different KPIs in the Precompetitive Stage, the Advanced Mineralogical and Metallurgical Characterizacion group (P4.2) is formed.  In the Operational Stage, the group continues doing resarch activities and capacity building and, at the same time, developing synergy with other projects which went through Precompetitive Stage.