About Us

GeoMet P4.2 represents a joint effort between the AMTC and CSIRO Australia/Chile. Located in Santiago of Chile, this collaborative research unit is composed by a team that promote innovation for the mining industry following a geometallurgical approach.

The research effort is focused on the development of technological solutions for the mining industry that materialize geometallurgical strategies of design and operation. In this regard, we aim to integrate knowledge from geology, mining, extractive metallurgy, and process automation into practical applications that contribute to solve the challenges of the mining industry.

Our Capabilites

The Advanced Mineralogical and Metallurgical Characterization group is a multidisciplinary team with expertise in mining, metallurgy, geology and chemistry, bringing together essential knwoledge for mineral characterisation and geometallurgical modelling.

The team has experience in the following topics:


Suspensions Rheology

Mineral mixtures, tailings and other metallurgical materials

Extractive Metallurgy

Pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical processes

Advanced Mineral Characterisation Techniques

Hyperspectral analysis, XRF and XRD, among others

Geometallurgical Modelling

Mining and metallurgical processes control

Petrology and Rock Geochemistry

Rock classification, main constituents and trace elements studies


Satellite images spectral analysis


The Advanced Mineralogical and Metallurgical Characterisation group (P4.2) counts with the infrastructure, equipment and human resources to perform different advanced characterization tests, which allows analyzing different kind of samples, such as: mineral samples, concentrates, tailings, mattes and smelting slags, combustion powders, other kind of mining materials and mining industry wastes.


The Advanced Mineralogical and Metallurgical Characterisation Group has developed projects with industry partners and open innovation projects. The execution of these projects has strengthened group and consolidated the acquired knowledge, bringing the advanced characterization techniques to the industry and the application of their results in benefit of the mining sector.

Our Team

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